Physical Therapy

Return-to-sport physical therapy and injury risk reduction programs available for individuals and teams.

Our one-on-one rehabilitation services help bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and human performance.

Doctors of Physical Therapy are specialized in sports and orthopedic injuries, skilled in evaluating the movement system, diagnosing movement dysfunction, and prescribing evidence-informed treatment to address the underlying cause. 

Our integrated approach joins the expertise of our PTs along with the insight of our team of Exercise Physiologists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and Registered Dietitians to ensure that the whole athlete is accounted for.


What is the movement system?

“The ‘movement system’ represents the collection of systems (cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, integumentary, nervous, and musculoskeletal) that interact to move the body of its component parts.” source: American Physical Therapy Association.

The movement system is the basis on which we treat and train our athletes with the goal of helping each athlete move better in both athletics and everyday life. This collection of physiological organ systems interact to move the body and is the key to top physical performance. We customize each athlete’s rehabilitation and exercise programs through the lens of the movement system as a means to prevent injury and enhance performance.