Roi space and Equipment

Our Space

Central Texas’ Premier Athletic Center

7,000 sq. ft. of training space housing state-of-the-art equipment, 30 yards of indoor turf, and a highly qualified staff.

Our athletes have access to a world-class space designed with collegiate and professional athletes in mind. Located inside of The Crossover in Cedar Park, TX, ROI provides a second to none experience for our athletes. Our state-of-the-art building is equipped with Inter-Room HVAC to cycle air within our own space, eliminating exchange from other facilities and reducing potential exposures to COVID-19 and other illness. We Invest in the Whole Athlete and your wellness is our priority.

ROI State-of-the-Art Equipment


NormaTec Boots

Dynamic compression to enhance the movement of fluid and metabolites throughout the limbs

Keiser Functional Trainer

Designed to be faster than the fastest human being, Keiser properly trains any movement, at any speed, in any direction



Combining upper and lower body exercise into vertical climbing motions for a total body workout


Curve Treadmill

A comfortable running experience that allows athletes to pace themselves naturally 

Finnleo Dry Sauna

Dry heat temperatures as high as 194 degrees Fahrenheit to increase systemic blood flow and tissue perfusion and increase growth hormone production


Mindfulness Room

Initiate recovery utilizing changes in light wavelengths, aromatherapy, HRV tracking and breathing practices while in a zero gravity chair 

Icepod Plus Cold Tub

Cold water immersion in temperatures as low as 42 degrees Fahrenheit to stimulate autonomic nervous system reset



A portable cardio-metabolic tool to analyze an athlete's cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic fitness level


Nutritional Consultation

Starting at $75


PNOE Metabolic Testing

Starting at $75

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