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We offer services that work with off-season training, Injury Rehab & Return to Play, and Pre-season preparation. Our programs are customized to every single athlete – because all athletes have different needs and goals. We take ownership of understanding and developing our team and methodology to serve our clients with best enhancements in technology and treatments possible.

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Weekly NFL Combine and Pro Day training 

ROI provides everything the prospective NFL athlete needs to achieve their highest levels of performance. Using our integrated methodology, our training provides an unparalleled experience for athletes seeking to reach the highest level.

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Baseball Strength and Speed Programming 

ROI delivers a comprehensive baseball training program designed to help players maximize their potential, efficiently utilizing the off-season to advance towards their performance goals. Our program begins with a comprehensive Physical Therapy evaluation for all athletes assessing upper and lower body mobility, muscle performance/strength testing, and Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Each athlete will be prescribed individualized corrective exercises for maintenance and pre-hab.

Golf Assessment 

The game of Golf has become increasingly competitive in the way players prepare, equip, and maintain their bodies for competition. Now more than ever, players are seeking advanced ways to reach new heights in their performance goals. Players need to be equipped with a team that is knowledgeable and up to date with the latest training, conditioning, and recovery methods for the sport. We are proud to have a Strength and Conditioning Specialist who is TPI Certified on staff