Unleashing Potential & Elevating Athletes

ROI helps every athlete reach new heights and achieve unbeatable outcomes. From professional to adolescent athletes, we leverage modern physical therapy techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and elite staff to deliver unmatched results for the mind and body.

The ROI Difference

We offer the convenience of certified strength and conditioning specialists, elite coaches, certified doctors of physical therapy, registered dieticians, licensed massage therapists and dedicated support staff working together to build your personalized, integrated and science-based program.

Whether you’re a professional, college, or high school athlete or someone looking to get in peak physical condition with the top coaches & therapists in central Texas, ROI welcomes you.

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Physical Therapy

Our one-on-one physical therapy services help bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and human performance.

Our integrated approach joins the expertise of our Physical Therapists along with the insight of our team of Exercise Physiologists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and Registered Dietitians to ensure that the whole athlete is accounted for.

Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning coaches are experts in the selection and progression of exercise for the purpose of creating a desired adaptation. Our programs are centered around movement variability, power output, explosiveness and injury prevention.

Plyometric Training

Trust Through Technique

With our proprietary rehab and training methodology, our team of Physical Therapists, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionists and specialized therapists utilize the latest technology and training techniques to achieve optimal performance outcomes for all athletes.


Customized Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is not one size fits all, it must be tailored to the athlete. Using the latest in nutrition research, our sports dietitian spends time getting to know you. To ensure optimal athletic performance and recovery, creating specific macronutrient and calorie goals to help achieve total athlete health and wellness.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

ROI is a top-notch physical therapy and sports performance facility with all the amenities, equipment, trainers, and modalities that you would expect from a world-class gym. Their staff is friendly and welcoming yet serious about training and pushing their athletes to new levels of excellence and endurance. I have been working out with Anthony for the past few months and have noticed sizable gains in my strength, fitness, and self-confidence. I am so thankful that I found ROI and that something like this exists in Austin/Cedar Park. You’re stuck with me guys! Thanks again for all that you do! ★★★★★

Bradley Lawson

My 16 year old son had a broke his elbow 6 months ago on a long throw in baseball. He was struggling with fully extending/straightening his arm fully. This was causing pain on long throws. He went to multiple PT appointments with other companies and was not seeing the progress needed. He was referred to Kody at ROI by another player on his high school team and we are thrilled with the results. His arm is now fully extending and he is finally able to make to those long throws without pain. This, after only a handful of visits with Kody, and just in time for spring baseball. The facilities are state of the art, as are the methods, and perfect for athletic injuries. I will be referring other parents/athletes in the future as they do a great job! Thanks ROI! ★★★★★

John Jordan


All Athletes Welcome

We offer services that work with off-season training, Injury Rehab & Return to Play, and Pre-season preparation. Our programs are customized to every single athlete – because all athletes have different needs and goals. We take ownership of understanding and developing our team and methodology to serve our clients with best enhancements in technology and treatments possible.

Elite Yourself with the ROI Team.

Trust the Team at ROI.