person on treadmillEven the most competent and competitive runners can find ways to improve their performance and prevent potential injuries, and running analysis by a residency-trained Doctor of Physical Therapy can help athletes accomplish those goals. Conducting a running analysis allows your physical therapist to identify functional limitations that could cause pain and result in poor performance. Our team at ROI uses the data that we gather during this evaluation to diagnose movement dysfunction and prescribe corrective exercises and techniques. These insights can help improve your long-term health and allow you to enjoy running to the fullest for many years to come.

What Does Running Analysis Involve?

Our analysis includes a comprehensive physical evaluation and high-speed video analysis on our AlterG treadmill. While you walk, jog, and run, your physical therapist will observe muscle activation and overall body position to pinpoint potential issues that increase your risk of injury. Every detail of your gait is significant, from stride length and step rate to whether you land on your heel or forefoot. 

Your physical therapist will discuss your goals and create a personalized program to help you accomplish them. After assessing your needs, as well as the severity of your injury, your physical therapist may recommend performing a running analysis immediately or after your injury has improved.

Reasons to Perform a Running Analysis

Everyone’s body is unique, and everyone runs differently. Gait, technique, and running mechanics can predispose runners to certain inefficiencies or injuries. Undergoing a running analysis is a way of understanding and interpreting those unique movements, and it can help accomplish one or all of the following:

  • Improve efficiency and form
  • Understand current injury
  • Reduce risk of future injury

Whether you want to merely improve as an athlete or seek to understand why an injury occurred and how to avoid sustaining similar ones in the future, a running analysis can be a useful tool and an integral part of your physical therapy program.

How Much Does Running Analysis Cost?

Our running analysis costs $200. It can be a standalone evaluation or just one aspect of a comprehensive and personalized rehabilitative physical therapy program.

Why Choose Team ROI to Perform Your Running Analysis?

Our expert team of physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists, and nutritionists specializes in sports and orthopedic injuries, and we make it our goal to help athletes and runners improve, restore, and sustain peak performance. We understand the ins and outs of the movement system and are trained to identify movement dysfunction and prescribe evidence-based treatment. We treat individuals and teams with one-on-one services designed to help you return to your sport. Our proprietary rehab and training methodology is firmly science-based, and we take a holistic approach that prioritizes the patient’s entire health, as opposed to focusing on performance alone.

Schedule a Running Analysis or Physical Therapy Evaluation

If you’re looking to enhance your running performance, recover from an injury, or develop a deeper understanding of your body’s mechanics, schedule a physical therapy evaluation or simply contact us to get started.