Post-operative rehabilitation is common after orthopedic surgery, but many injured athletes are unaware that pre-operative rehabilitation is also an option. Pre-op rehab, or “prehab,” is a type of physical therapy that occurs before a surgical operation to help prepare the patient for the procedure and to aid recovery. It is a proactive way to improve health post-injury and restore previous performance levels.


How Pre-operative Physiotherapy Management Aids Recovery

Prehab allows you to take more control of your recovery and sets you up for a successful post-op rehabilitation program by improving your health in the following ways:

  • Reduces post-op pain, swelling, and muscle atrophy
  • Eases post-op discomfort
  • Helps patient mentally prepare for the procedure
  • Familiarizes patient with post-op exercises and/or assistive devices
  • Improves overall outcome of surgery
  • Helps to prevent future injury

Prehab typically begins between six and eight weeks before surgery, but varies based on the procedure, and involves exercises that help increase strength, balance, function, stability, range of motion, and more. At ROI, our clinicians will design a customized, comprehensive physical therapy program that meets your specific needs and paves the way for an optimal surgery outcome. 


Why Prehab Is Effective

After an injury, the brain is in a neuroplastic state, which means it is able to change and adapt more easily. This allows the patient to normalize muscle recruitment and movement patterns during pre-rehabilitation, which then decreases dysfunction following surgery. Essentially, your brain is more malleable at this stage, and prehab takes advantage of that by training your cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, integumentary, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems, which all interact to move the body. 


Work with Our Team at ROI

At ROI, our clinicians have experience with pre-operative rehab of ACL, meniscus, labral, achilles, and rotator cuff injuries — and many more injuries that require surgical intervention. Our Sports Physical Therapist has worked with professional and collegiate-level athletes for their pre-operative rehab and will implement science-based techniques to promote the healing process so you can get back to your sport as fast as possible. 

We take a holistic, personalized approach that prioritizes your overall health and specific fitness goals, using state-of-the-art technology to help you achieve them. Our extensive experience treating sports and orthopedic injuries allows us to give you the ability and confidence to get back on the court or the field.

Take your first step toward recovery. Contact us today for an evaluation and to get started on your pre-rehabilitation program.