What’s Different About A Sports Massage

Apr 30, 2023

It’s usually a treat. You book a massage when you’re on a vacation or when you spend a leisurely afternoon at a day spa. Sometimes, you might even implement a regular massage routine. Regular massages are known to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Massage is also great for pain relief, improved circulation, better flexibility, and even higher quality sleep. Through massage, tension in the muscles gets released, increasing the production of beneficial hormones like serotonin and dopamine. There are so many more benefits to massage. Athletes in particular can benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is a more specific type of therapy that is tailored to the needs of athletes. Read on to learn what’s different about a sports massage. 

Super focused. High intensity exercise can call for some serious care. Sports massage is focused, systematic, and tailored to an athlete’s specific needs. While regular massages are aimed at improving relaxation, stress, and overall health, sports massages are more targeted toward an athlete’s needs. Different sports might require different areas of attention or a prescribed variety of techniques.  

Special techniques. Typically, sports massages implement more intensive techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and specialized stretching. Some other sports massage techniques include kneading, stroking, compression, rhythmic striking, vibration and percussion. In contrast, regular massage tends to involve gentler techniques such as Swedish massage. 

Timing is everything. Sports massages often are needed before or after a workout or an athletic event. This kind of massage can help to prepare muscles for activity and to help with recovery. Regular massage isn’t really dependent on timing; it is usually a form of self-care, which can be done anytime. 

#Goals. While regular massage aims to achieve general relaxation and overall well-being, sports massage has some specific goals. Some of the goals of sports massage may include enhancing athletic performance, preventing injury, and helping with recovery from injury or overuse. 

In good hands. Regular massage typically requires a masseuse to have general knowledge and training in the areas of massage techniques and anatomy. Sports massage differs in that it requires specialized knowledge and training in anatomy, physiology, and sports-related injuries. For any massage, it’s essential to book sessions with credentialed sports therapists, practitioners who are specially trained to work with various athletes, different injuries, and specific techniques. ROI has just the right therapists for the job.

Speedy recovery. Sports massage can help to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Massage can also help to reduce inflammation in the muscles and promote the healing process. This can help athletes to get back to their sport faster. 

Better performance. Having regular sports massages can help athletes to get in the zone. They can enhance an athlete’s overall performance by improving muscle function, reducing muscle fatigue, and promoting both relaxation and mental focus. 

Move your body. Sports massage’s techniques can help to support safe and effective movement for athletes. They can improve overall range of motion as well as flexibility.

Injury prevention. Through sports massage, experts can help athletes to prevent injuries. Identifying areas of muscle tension or imbalance before they develop into more serious problems can be a major benefit of sport massage. 

Sports massage is such an effective way for athletes to improve their physical performance, prevent injuries, and recover quickly. At ROI, experts offer different massages for many types of muscle issues. Whether you’re affected by overuse in sports, different kinds of stress, chronic pain, or injury, massage therapists at ROI can tailor a massage session to fit your needs. 

Massages at ROI include therapeutic hot packs, aromatherapy, topical balm to relieve inflammation and pain, selected level of pressure, massage cream, and custom music selection. Learn more about ROI, and reach out to ROI to schedule a sports massage. 

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