How To Know If You Have The Best Sports Injury Physical Therapy

Oct 29, 2023

Tears, breaks, and strains can happen to the very best athletes, even if they’re conditioned and strong. Injuries, it seems, are a common part of athletics, especially when athletes are pushing themselves to their limits. Labrums can tear from overuse and repeated overhead motions. Sometimes MCLs or ACLs can tear from overuse or from impact during competition. Strains, pulls, fractures, and tendonitis are common athletic injuries too. Thankfully, there is a whole world of healing available to athletes in the form of knowledgeable physical therapists. Read on to learn more about how to know if you have the best sports injury physical therapy

They’re experienced and qualified. When it comes to healing your body and getting back to your sport, you want to be in good hands. The best physical therapists should have a solid education, professional certifications, and experience with helping athletes heal from sports injuries. At Team ROI, our physical therapists use the latest technology and training techniques to achieve optimal results for athletes. Our team of physical therapists have experience as both athletes themselves and working with high school, collegiate and professional athletes. 

They tailor the plan to the individual. The best sports injury physical therapists ought to develop individualized treatment plans for athletes who need them. A pitcher isn’t going to have the same rehab routine as a running back or a point guard. Tennis and golf injuries differ greatly as well. It’s so important to get the right kind of physical therapy help when you need it. At ROI, programs are customized based on an athlete’s needs and goals. 

They focus on function. Regaining functional ability is the ultimate goal of an athlete’s physical therapy. Getting back to function will have athletes returning to their sport sooner. At ROI, there is a focus on the movement system of the body—a collection of systems that interact to move the body. ROI’s trainers aim to help athletes to rehabilitate and move better in both athletics and everyday life. This emphasis on the movement system is a means to prevent injury and enhance performance as well. 

They’re backed by science. Using evidence-based methods can help with the effectiveness of physical therapy routines. ROI’s gym space allows for the practice of proven methodology that invests in the whole body. In addition to data-backed exercises for physical therapy, ROI uses additional services like a mindfulness room, a recovery lounge, and a fuel bar. 

The training environment is positive and supportive. Athletes aren’t just machines that perform on the playing field; they’re wholly human with moods, feelings, and good days and bad. A good physical therapist will know when to push or pull back when it comes to physical therapy exercises. At ROI, one-on-one work with experienced physical therapists helps athletes to feel supported and connected through their healing journey. 

They communicate well. Sometimes athletes are prescribed physical therapy routines or handed a packet of papers showing them a list of exercises to do. What’s really needed for a successful sports injury therapy routine is clear and consistent communication between the athlete and the physical therapist at every step. AT ROI, our doctors of physical therapy clearly communicate at all stages of the healing process, from the evaluation of the movement system to diagnosing dysfunction, and prescribing evidence-informed treatment. 

There’s an integrated approach. Just working on a hurt knee, shoulder, wrist, or whatever body part you’re rehabbing isn’t enough. There should be a holistic perspective when it comes to making a plan for healing. ROI offers an integrated approach that matches the physical therapists’ expertise with insight and experience of exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, and registered dietitians. This whole athlete focus proves powerful. 

They focus on prevention. The goal of physical therapy after a sports injury is not just to heal and not just to return to play, but to come back better than before. At ROI, we do a sports injury risk assessment, which is targeted to non-injured athletes who want to prevent injuries. The goal of this kind of assessment is to identify movement dysfunction and limitations before they become an issue. During an assessment like this, the ROI team performs a comprehensive evaluation that identifies risks. Factors like medical history, agility, strength, flexibility, power, and reflexes are all analyzed. Then, a program is developed that is tailored to specific areas of need. 

ROI provides more than the average physical therapy services. Our team offers pre-op pre-habilitation work, post-op rehab, return to sport testing, and different options for manual therapy. At ROI, our sports injury physical therapy is available for individuals as well as teams. Our rehabilitation services help to bridge the gap between traditional rehab and human performance. 

Do you want to perform at your best? Whether you’re on-season, off-season, or rehabbing, the team at ROI can work with you by doing a physical therapy evaluation or a sport injury risk assessment. Check out our website, or give us a call at 512-962-9141 to learn more. 

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