How To Improve Your NFL Draft Prospects

Jul 31, 2023

For almost 90 years, the National Football League (NFL) has been holding a draft for franchises to select the best new eligible players for their teams. There are 32 teams and 7 rounds, and the draft lasts for three days. This can be a life changing event for young athletes. There have been many iconic draft day moments (Brett Favre, Tom Brady), but the work that gets an athlete to the draft is more important than any picks, deals, or trades. 

Professional football teams aim to get the best players for positions that they need to fill on their rosters. Prospects are often highly touted, but no headlines or hype can compare to hard work and results on the football field. Read on to learn more about how to improve your chances of becoming an NFL draft prospect

Be somebody. Are you a leader on your current team? Do you stand out in your community? NFL teams are seeking players who are leaders on and off the field.  Being a positive role model, a player with good character, and even a player with a positive social media profile can help you to stand out. 

Set your sights on NFL-sponsored events. While NFL teams often rely on work done by their scouts, there are also opportunities for players to be seen at major events such as Pro Days, the East-West Shrine Bowl and the Senior Bowl. 

Get an invite to the Combine. Back in 1982, the NFL introduced a scouting combine. The Combine is a gathering of the very best prospects in one place to be evaluated on football skills as well as other medical and mental criteria. If scouts are the ones that bring back reports about players to their teams, the combine is the place where those players prove their skills on the field. 

Know the drills. Combine participants are required to perform a number of difficult drills and skills. Some of these include the 40-yard dash, the short shuttle, vertical jump, and bench press. These things test the physical aptitude of players, and preparation is key to success in this arena. 

Mentally prepare. You’re not just running, lifting, and jumping when you’re being evaluated as a player. Teams who are interested in top prospects will also interview to seek information about mental fortitude and whether a player is a good fit for a team. Consider preparing to answer questions that cover your football IQ, future goals, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Be ready to communicate clearly and concisely. In addition to physical training, the team at ROI offers help with preparing for professional conduct and the NFL interview. 

Take a note from the NFL teams. For months ahead of time, scouts and teams have collected plenty of information about potential players. They want to be prepared for draft weekend with all of the information that they have available. Prospective players ought to do this as well. Prepare, plan, and work to be in the best shape possible in order to improve your draft prospects for the NFL. 

Work with experienced coaches. ROI can provide everything a prospective NFL athlete might need in order to reach peak performance levels. Through its unique NFL prospect program, ROI helps players to prepare for the Combine, Pro Day, and perform at a higher level. The team at ROI implements a science-based approach for athletes who are aiming to play professionally. 

How can ROI help? 

  • Increase athletic performance. Work on speed, strength, agility, and flexibility with a specialty program that is tailored to you as a player. 
  • Focus on football skills. Master all the skills that are specific to your position like tackling, blocking, passing, or catching. 
  • Tracking progress. ROI knows that you want to get better. They use performance tracking technology to measure progress throughout workout sessions. 
  • Incorporate PT. Physical therapy can be an integral part of an athlete’s success. For prospective players, ROI does an initial evaluation and an assessment for injury risk. They follow up with individualized performance planning that implements corrective treatment. 
  • Hands-on help. There are many aspects of physical therapy that can help players with growth and recovery. Some of the techniques used at ROI include therapies such as dry needling, cupping, weekly massage therapy, and instrument-assisted massage (IASTM).
  • Fuel for football. Nutrition is a key component in an athlete’s routine. For NFL prospects, ROI recommends following a nutrition program that includes a comprehensive initial consultation, bi-monthly follow-ups, supplements for pre, during, and post-workouts, and meal planning and monitoring for the best nutrition possible. 
  • Recover well. Football is a taxing sport. Training can be depleting. It is essential that athletes make time to recover during the season and during training. At ROI, some of the recovery therapies used include the Finnleo sauna, an IcePod cold tub, Normatex compression therapy, and the use of a mindfulness room. 

Are you NFL-ready? Teams want players who are confident on and off the field. Prepare to perform your best with help from the pros at ROI. ROI’s program is the premier NFL prep program in Austin, Texas. 

Reach out at 512-962-9141, or visit ROI’s website to learn more.

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