How to Find The Right Elite Athletic Training Services For You

Apr 29, 2023

The days of just sweating it out on the treadmill or stationary bike are long gone. Most fitness fanatics and athletes today opt for more targeted and efficient training sessions. Getting great results and maintaining peak performance levels are often the goals of elite athletes. There are so many different types of training and such a variety of athletic experts available to help athletes improve. Whether your needs are for strength and conditioning, nutrition, rehabilitation, or sports-specific skills, there are great solutions available for your athletic training. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of training and how to find the right elite athletic training services for you.

Strength and conditioning: If you’re an athlete that is looking to develop in the areas of strength, power, and overall physical conditioning, then opt for a strength and conditioning program. These kinds of programs are designed to improve athletic performance by focusing on specific muscle groups; this targeted training has the potential to help enhance an athlete’s overall abilities. Strength and conditioning coaches work with athletes in order to develop tailored and personalized training programs. These programs can include activities such as weight lifting, resistance training, and cardiovascular exercise. To help elite athletes, the experts at ROI implement exercises with footwork, functional core stabilization, strength work, plyometrics, and functional range conditioning. 

Sports-specific training: When you’re an athlete who specializes in one sport, sport-specific training can help you to improve your skills and performance that are particular to your sport. For example, basketball players might work with coaches or trainers to improve jumping and first step quickness. Basketball players might also work to develop better ball-handling skills with movement down the court. Baseball and softball players might focus on totally different skills needed for batting, base running, and fielding. Sport-specific programs can also include activities such as agility and speed drills as well as mental and emotional prep for game days. At ROI, the staff can assist golfers who are seeking ways to advance their game; one ROI strength and conditioning is certified in Titleist Performance Institute methods. ROI also has a comprehensive baseball training program which focuses on upper and lower body mobility, functional movement, and strength. Even NFL-bound players are able to get great football training at ROI in their NFL combine and pro day training. 

Nutritional coaching: For athletes who are training at the elite level, a focus on nutrition is essential. Good nutrition is a key component of stellar athletic performance. Many elite athletes work with nutrition experts in order to optimize their diets and fuel for competition. Sports dietitians help athletes to develop personalized nutrition plans to provide the energy and nutrients needed for excellent results. Adequate nutrition also helps athletes to promote recovery, increase hydration, improve body composition, and reduce risk of injury. Athletes’ needs depend on their sport, goals, environment, and intensity of their training. That said, nutrition must be tailored to the athlete. At ROI, the sports dietitian spends time working with athletes, getting to know them, and implements the latest in nutrition research to create personalized, effective diet plans. ROI also offers individual counseling sessions and custom nutrition plans. Follow up sessions and progress checks help athletes to plan and alter their meals in accordance with their performance goals. ROI even will take clients on team grocery store tours and help with cooking prep. 

Injury prevention and rehabilitation: All of the competing, training, and intensity involved in the lives of elite athletes make them more at risk for injuries. Programs that focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation help athletes to reduce injury risk and recover from injuries as quickly as possible. Exercises in this type of elite athletic training program might focus on joint mobility, flexibility, and stability. Reducing inflammation and promoting healing is a goal of this type of program as well. At ROI, return-to-sport rehab and injury risk reduction programs are available for teams and individuals. Doctors of physical therapy specialize in this kind of training, and they work together with exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, and registered dietitians to ensure an integrated, effective, and holistic approach to training. Programs are customized for each athlete, including sports therapies such as massage, ice, heat, taping, electrical stimulation, functional retraining, dynamic strength training, and endurance training. It is essential for athletes to be strategic and efficient in their recovery process; with elite sports therapy services, ROI can help elite athletes to heal and improve. 

ROI delivers a science-based, integrated approach to elite athletic performance and rehabilitation. The team at ROI aims to help athletes to achieve their goals no matter what their sport. For elite athletic training, athletes can count on ROI’s experienced staff to help get results quickly, safely, and effectively. Are you looking for elite athletic training services? Reach out to the team at ROI to learn more about services like physical therapy, massage, strength and conditioning, recovery, and nutrition. 

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