Blood flow restriction training

Peak performance for an athlete is achieved with a strength and conditioning plan customized to that athlete’s needs. Team ROI’s strength and conditioning specialists design individual programs that are based on scientific principles and influenced by innovation to ensure that our athletes continue to push the boundaries of performance forward.

With influence from our team of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and registered dietitians combined with data from our athlete monitoring systems, our strength and conditioning specialists have the edge in optimizing performance. One of the tools we frequently utilize to achieve this edge is blood flow restriction training or “BFR” training.

What Is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Blood Flow Restriction manipulates the body’s circulatory system by placing bands on the proximal portions of the upper and lower extremities. When combined with relatively light-intensity exercise, BFR produces rapid gains in strength and fitness. This is accomplished by disrupting arterial inflow and occluding venous outflow while exercising, which leads to a major disturbance of homeostasis in the muscle (drop in pH and oxygen) that is generally only associated with intense anaerobic exercise. Additionally, as metabolites build up from the combination of venous occlusion and muscle contraction, neural sensors in the muscle signal the brain to release an anabolic hormonal cascade that leads to increases in size, strength, and vascularity of the muscles and all surrounding tissues engaged in the exercise. 

Therefore, with the proper implementation of BFR, athletes can lift lighter weights and decrease the overall load needed to stimulate adaptation. This effect over time leads to less overall muscle damage and associated soreness, which leads to enhanced recovery rates. With enhanced recovery times, the frequency of training can increase and can ultimately lead to more rapid gains in performance. The implications of this training technique extend beyond the athlete population–it can also be used in clinical settings to help patients recover from physical injuries or procedures as well as recreational athletes who have limited time to train. As the primary BStrong BFR accredited facility in Texas, our strength and conditioning coaches at ROI will design BFR-focused training programs that can be used in isolation or integrated into your existing training regimen.

Is Blood Flow Restriction Training Safe?

As with any training tool, BFR has potential risks—such as dizziness and fainting—if performed improperly or without adequate supervision. However, according to the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, BFR is “well tolerated and safe for most individuals,” especially when performed under the right supervision and with the correct equipment. When monitored for vital signs, risk factors, and history with blood vessel conditions, athletes can enjoy BFR safely with Team ROI’s professional trainers and equipment.

ROI Strength Services

At Team ROI, our first priority is your safety. ROI is the primary certified BStrong BFR facility in Texas so the entire staff is well-equipped to ensure safe and effective use of BFR training.

To take your training to the next level, consider adding on an additional strength and conditioning session to your ROI training program. Sessions start at $120.

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