Strength and conditioning exercises enhance power, strength, and reinforce proper movement patterns, and it helps keep athletes ready for action even during the off-season. When muscles and joints grow weak from less frequent use, they are more prone to injury, which is why it’s important to build movement patterns that keep your body prepared for the demands of your sport.

What Are the Benefits of Balance Training? 

Balance training is a key component of strength and conditioning for athletes who want to improve their performance. Integrating balance training into a physical therapy and strength & conditioning program can increase strength, stability, and agility to help injured athletes return to and surpass their prior level of performance.

Since most athletes are supported predominantly by one lower extremity, Team ROI prioritizes balance training as integral part of our strength and conditioning program. Imbalance and asymmetries can lead to an increased risk of injury, which is often seen on an athlete’s non-dominant extremity. That’s why an athlete’s non-dominant side is more prone to foot, ankle, knee, and hip injuries. Strengthening the non-dominant side through balance training can strengthen neglected muscles, improve posture and form, enhance proprioception, and reduce the risk of injury. 

What Does Balance Training Involve?

There are three systems that play a role in an individual’s balance 

  • Vision
  • Proprioceptive/somatosensory (relating to muscles/joints and sense of touch)
  • Vestibular (relating to the inner ear and brain)

Following an injury, athletes rely on vision to play a major role in their balance, which can hinder their performance. Through balance training, Team ROI seeks to develop athletes’ proprioceptive/somatosensory and vestibular systems so that athletes can devote input from their visual system in other capacities, including reading plays and assessing other players’ positions. We create a program of exercises that increases the function of these systems, increases coordination, and strengthens weaker muscle groups. 

Balance Training Cost

Team ROI offers balance training programs to our elite athlete clientele through our Physical Therapy department. Performance goals achieved in this program are designed in alignment with tailored strength and conditioning programs. Sessions start at $120 per 60-minute session. 

Our qualified team of experts are here to guide you through strength and conditioning training that will bring your performance to new levels and help prevent future injuries that could take you off the field, track, or court. If you want to improve your balance, but are unsure of how physical therapy or strength and conditioning fit into your workout goals, one of our physical therapists would be glad to walk you through the process of how balance training integrates into the holistic development of each individual athlete. Give us a call at 512.640.0078 to find out more! 

Our strength and conditioning staff certifications include

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • USA Weightlifting Olympic Lifting
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), Level 1
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

We employ state-of-the-art equipment and science-based methods to understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint movement dysfunction, and design a personalized strength and conditioning program that will help you become a better, healthier athlete.

Our team takes a unique holistic approach to physical therapy and strength training, providing additional nutrition and massage services to athletes. We pride ourselves on providing custom programs that will improve your overall wellness and put you at peak performance levels. 

If you’re ready to begin balance training as part of a strength and conditioning program, fill out our online form and tell us about your goals to get started.