5 FAQs About Group Strength Training

Mar 29, 2023

There are so many reasons to exercise in a group setting—motivation, collaboration, connection, and support are among them. From group settings for spinning, rowing, running, or cross training, today’s communities offer a lot of opportunities for working out with a group. There’s also the option of group strength training, which involves using weights or resistance to build muscle and improve overall strength. This kind of training can be a fun and effective way to improve strength, build muscle, and achieve overall fitness goals. At the same time, the group setting for group strength training provides the added benefits of social connection and support. Read on to learn the answers to 5 FAQs about group strength training. 

  • What are some of the benefits of group strength training versus individual training? 

Working out in a group can push athletes through tough workouts; a group setting can offer the invaluable aspect of accountability. Sticking to an exercise routine can be a lot easier if there’s a group and an instructor depending on you to show up. The sense of community that group strength training provides is beneficial as well. Training in a group can help to foster social connections and support. Often, these strength sessions employ a range of exercises and equipment, giving athletes a challenging and interesting workout. Having a qualified instructor and other athletes around for a workout helps with keeping proper form and technique for strength training exercises. Being part of a group with a professional instructor can actually help athletes to reduce their risk of injury. In fact, it can improve overall results. 

  • What kind of exercises and equipment are required for group strength training? 

Group strength training can include exercises like weight lifting, bodyweight moves, and resistance band workouts. At ROI, the Sports Science Lab Accelerated Isokinetic machine is often used for strength training. This machine allows athletes to move through exercises and to progress at the pace that they set, with the force that they are applying. This allows athletes to accelerate and build momentum throughout the workout, which is more akin to real-life athletic movements in sports. On this isokinetic machine, resistance is generated by a flywheel—with air resistance—rather than with weight load. Working out with a skilled professional for strength training will ensure the right use of and proper form with equipment. 

  • What are some of the overall health benefits of strength training? 

Strength training is not just for competitive or professional athletes. Building muscle becomes extremely important as our bodies age. Strength training is an effective way to build muscle mass and to increase overall strength. With the right trainer and group, a group setting for strength training helps athletes to push themselves to lift heavier or to do more reps. In turn, this can lead to big gains in muscle mass and strength. There can also be cardiovascular health benefits to strength training. Even weight loss can be a potential benefit. Building lean muscle through strength training is a huge plus. The actual training itself can help to burn calories during workouts. More calorie burn continues as the body repairs and rebuilds muscle. Increased muscle mass means a higher metabolism.

  • Can beginners participate in group strength training? 

Strength training is a great activity for athletes of all levels. In fact, since beginners can learn proper form and technique in a group setting for strength training, it’s a good idea to work with a professional as you get started on a strength training journey. This guidance and support from a qualified trainer and other athletes can be especially helpful. A professional trainer can provide the right modifications and progressions for the exercises in order to accommodate different levels of fitness and ability. Consider your goals and needs for strength training, and work with a professional to get started. 

  • How do I find a reputable group strength training program? 

ROI is a great place to find the best kind of help for group strength training. The strength and conditioning coaches at ROI are experts in selecting the right exercises and adaptations for athletes, and hold the highest level of certification in the strength & conditioning field, the Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). At ROI, functional strength training—which aims to improve the body’s ability to perform daily activities, sports, or work-related tasks with efficiency—is a specialty. Traditional weight or strength training tends to focus on lifting heavier and bigger. Conventional weightlifting can be really useful. However, the overall goal at ROI is to increase performance as it relates to each athlete’s specific goals. 

Are you ready to get started with a great group strength training program? Learn more about all of the benefits of these workouts, and see for yourself how helpful the experts at ROI can be when it comes to the most efficient and powerful workouts.  ROI is determined to get you performing at your highest level. Call 512-962-9141 to book a session or to learn even more about all the health benefits, programs, and treatments that ROI has to offer. 

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