Our Sponsored Athletes

Our methodology is unique and we value our clients and partnerships that believe in the same approach. We are honored to partner with these athletes on their performance and wellness journey!

Meet Amanda Dowdy Lawson!  Amanda grew up just outside of Austin, Texas. She was a collegiate indoor standout at Texas Tech University where she set multiple records including all-time career kills in the rally scoring era and most kills in a match.  After college, Amanda competed professionally in Germany and Puerto Rico.  Shortly after her indoor career she transitioned to the beach and quickly made an impact, debuting in 2014 as the AVP Newcomer of the Year.  Amanda has proudly represented Team USA and graced the podiums on the AVP and FIVB Tours.  We are honored to have Amanda as a ROI Athlete – she exemplifies the value of investing  in the WHOLE athlete.

Learn more about Amanda at amandadowdy.com!

Meet Sophia Garrison! Sophia was born in New Mexico and spent several years in Kentucky before eventually moving here to Texas. She recently graduated from Hill Country Christian School of Austin and has earned a scholarship to the University of Alabama for swimming! Sophia has been swimming since she was just 7 years old. Her primary strokes are sprint breaststroke and individual medley.

Sophia spends countless hours each week practicing and mastering her craft. When asked what keeps her motivated to keep up with her lifestyle she said, “My love of swimming, the community, and the abundance of opportunities it has brought me over the years motivates me to keep training even through the difficult seasons.”

“ROI’s amazing facility and personalized sports-specific strength and conditioning program has improved my fast twitch muscles, reaction times, strength, stamina, and confidence both at the gym and in the water!”

Meet Katie Dickens! Katie Dickens excelled while a player on the LSU women’s volleyball team. She was surrounded by players with the same focus, coaches wanting to better each athlete and a support staff aiming to promote recovery. However, like our team, Katie found the world after college athletics lacked the system she enjoyed while at LSU. 

Katie, a pinnacle of college athlete success after graduation, came to our team looking for direction for off-season support as a professional beach volleyball player. In the time between her college years and her time with us, Katie failed to find a system that promoted a holistic approach to physical therapy and performance training. 

Our team exposed Katie to a training program that was designed specific to her needs and goals, addressing her movement patterns and life demands, monitoring her performance, recovery, nutrition, strength and conditioning and sleep. Not only did we focus on the whole athlete, we focused on this athlete individually.

Interested in being a sponsored athlete?  Contact us at support@teamroi.com!