Our methodology emphasizes recovery as an active, daily process.

Why Prioritize Recovery?

There is perhaps no more important part of your training program than recovery. After pushing your body to the limits, proper fitness recovery ensures healthy muscle restoration, decreases the possibility of injury, and helps improve future performance during your next training session. To achieve optimal recovery, athletes should prioritize getting adequate sleep, maintaining a healthy level of stress, tending to their mental and emotional needs, meeting hydration goals, and, of course, maintaining their fitness and nutrition goals. In addition, there are state-of-the-art recovery techniques that athletes can use to take their recovery to the next level.

At Team ROI, we are intentional about selecting methods for recovery, just as we are intentional about selecting methods for stress. This allows our athletes to train to achieve peak performance and promotes optimal adaptations from training.

For $65, you can access our Team ROI recovery day pass, giving you exclusive access to ROI’s recovery equipment and facilities.

ROI State-of-the-Art Recovery Equipment

Traditional Sauna
Dry heat temperatures as high as 194 degrees Fahrenheit help increase systemic blood flow and tissue perfusion, and increase growth hormone production.

Relax your muscles, nerves, and blood vessels with our traditional dry heat saunas. High temperatures help to relieve sore muscles following a hard training regime. In addition, saunas can alleviate physical and mental fatigue while flushing out toxins from your body. Regular sauna use can also increase endurance. High heat exposure helps your body adapt to an increase in body temperature, allowing your body to better regulate temperature during high-impact aerobic exercise. Take your post-exercise recovery to the next level with Team ROI’s dry heat saunas.

Dynamic compression enhances the movement of fluid and metabolites throughout the limbs.

Warm up for your training and provide unparalleled recovery using patented technology created specifically for athletes. NormaTec is an innovative recovery tool that uses dynamic air compression to increase circulation and blood flow, promote healing and recovery, and decrease muscle fatigue following exercise.

Used by athletes, trainers, and fitness professionals around the globe, NormaTec uses the patented Pulse Massage Pattern specifically engineered by a physician bioengineer to promote blood flow and speed up recovery. NormaTec devices, which are designed for different parts of the body, accelerate recovery and prevent injury for subsequent training. Dynamic compression is proven to increase flexibility and range of motion, benefitting athletes of all types, including runners, cyclists, and sports athletes. In addition to post training recovery, NormaTec can be used to help aid in post-op and post-injury recovery. With NormaTec, you’ll feel refreshed, restored, and ready to take on the next step of your training program.

Icepod Plus
Cold water immersion in temperatures as low as 42 degrees Fahrenheit stimulates autonomic nervous system reset.

Cold water immersion, also known as cryotherapy, and contrast water therapy, which consists of alternating between cold and warm water, have been used for post-training recovery by professional athletes for decades. Following a workout, athletes can enjoy water therapy using Team ROI’s Icepod Plus, a bath specifically designed for optimal temperature regulation. The Icepod Plus can achieve regulated temperatures as low as 42 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Post-workout, immersion therapy helps aid in muscle recovery, reduces muscle pain and soreness, and decreases fatigue. Athletes of all kinds find that water therapy can help improve performance, increase blood flow, and promote quick recovery time between training sessions. With a 100-gallon capacity and longer size than traditional baths, the Icepod Plus can accommodate taller athletes, making it a popular choice for NBA players. With Icepod Plus, athletes will experience a refreshing recovery tool that is both relaxing and effective.

Additional ROI Manual Recovery Services
For an extra recovery boost, consider adding on any of our additional manual recovery services to your day pass. 

Dry Needling


Massage Therapy

Train, Recover, & Increase Performance

Your dedication to training puts stress on your body. Sign up now for a recovery day pass and begin committing to your recovery as hard as you commit to your training. Experience post-workout recovery like never before at Team ROI’s state-of-the-art facilities using patented, innovative equipment specifically created to aid in dynamic recovery.

Recovery day passes begin at $65. Get in touch today to get started.