May 14, 2020

Kody’s Strong ACL Rehab Protocol

With experience comes expertise, and that is what Kody, Reach Outcomes’ newest addition, proudly brings to the team. Like the entirety of our trainers, physical therapists and all other employees, Kody will bring his extensive experience and passion for athletics to motivate our athletes to achieve their best. Set to join the team this summer, alongside the opening of our new facility, Kody’s prowess in physical therapy will continue to expand Reach as the premier center for physical therapy and sports performance in Austin, Texas.

Kody began to take interest in the world of sports medicine while playing basketball and soccer in high school. While his abilities on the field and court could have transitioned into opportunities to play in college, Kody turned his attention to the medical aspect of the activities he loved, shadowing athletic training as a senior in high school. 

He then enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis where he studied physical therapy, taking the first of many massive steps in pursuing the position he will enjoy with Reach. Alongside his studies at Washington University, Kody immersed himself in some of the most respected rotations to gain the important experience of physical therapy. These rotations were at Champions Sports Medicine of Alabama, as well as EXOS, based in Phoenix. 

Throughout these two rotations, Kody gained loads of experience working with high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes in outpatient physical therapy. With consistent, diversified and hands-on opportunities, Kody gained a strong suit in recognizing requirements for differing injuries and how they apply to specific sports. Through this, Kody will bring an extensive list of recovery techniques for athletes of all requirements, sports and injuries.

Following graduation, Kody joined the University of Cincinnati’s sports medicine team last June as the resident physical therapist to further his education and experience. Kody spent the majority of his time with the University’s football team, evaluating all injuries and assisting the on-site doctor in sideline assessments. His time at Cincinnati opened the door to two of the most noteworthy components of advanced physical therapy and sports medicine – ACL injuries and the brain’s reaction to injuries.

The University of Cincinnati is renowned for its ACL rehab protocol, and under the guidance of renowned physical therapist Bob Mangine, Kody received a top-tier combination of knowledge and experience. Kody cites his deep understanding of ACL recovery as a strong suit of his own.

His time at Cincinnati also opened his eyes to the importance of focusing on the mental aspect of recovery. Following an injury, the brain faces thresholds that require extra effort in performing activities involving the body part injured. Kody will, with every athlete, approach recovery with a focus on neuroplasticity in the brain, ensuring the brain is rewired to perform actions beyond the athlete’s ability prior to the injury. 

The Reach Outcomes team is eager to have Kody and his holistic approach join us this summer. Register for our free, 30-minute virtual wellness assessment to hear how our entire team can elevate your abilities at our new facility in Austin, Texas!

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