Apr 24, 2020

More With Less: How Blood Flow Restriction Training Can Provide Muscle Growth

Reach Outcomes always looks to further improve the whole athlete. Our experienced team of physical therapists and trainers constantly search for the safest and most effective ways to enhance the athletic training and recovery system. Blood flow restriction training is one such system our team has identified as a largely beneficial way for our athletes to expand their workout regimens. 

The BFR system is a revolutionary one that encourages muscle growth in all athletes. This BFR training process is highly recommended for all athletes, regardless of age or current system. It masters physiology to promote regular muscle growth in shorter repetitions and with less stress on the muscles. By applying pressure (the Reach team uses the BStrong Bands to achieve this) with adjustable BFR training bands to the arms and legs, blood flow restriction is achieved as venous outflow is restricted while arterial inflow to the muscles still takes place. With the restriction of venous outflow, the body and brain believe more demand is needed, promoting this noteworthy gain in building muscle while being achieved with less activity.

This system has largely evolved from what BFR has commonly been known for. While the original practices also include arterial inflow, the restriction of venous outflow is not included. With the newer changes in BFR, specifically with BStrong, the Reach team is able to provide enough pressure to stimulate occlusion of the veins, but still ensure arterial flow is not occluded. 

By doing so, the body reacts as if the demand of high-intensity training is taking place without damaging the muscles that are being used. Ultimately, this process not only encourages muscle growth with lower demand, it also promotes an increase in bone density and increases hormone release to promote a smoother recovery. More so, by requiring a lighter demand, the microtears to muscles are largely decreased while still creating parallel results. 

Not only does the restriction of venous outflow promote a more efficient training session, it is also a much safer way to practice blood flow restriction and see BFR training results. A common worry surrounding BFR is the potential for blood clots to develop. By preventing venous outflow, the risk of a blood clot from blood flow restriction training is impossible. This ensures that all athletes cleared for exercise, unless a carrier of the genotype for sickle cell anemia, are completely safe to reap the benefits of this training system. 

With guidance from the experts at Reach, implementing BFR as an additional training to a regular workout schedule can be the perfect contribution to the whole athlete. The Reach Outcomes team largely encourages any athlete, regardless of situation or skill level, to experience the benefits of BFR training. 

With the direction of the Reach team, massively beneficial 20-minute sessions utilizing the BStrong can be incorporated into your workout routine. BFR training is a perfect pairing as a pre- or post-workout addition to fully stimulate the muscles focused on. To learn more about implementing this training system into your routine, as well as all Reach Outcomes has to offer, schedule your free, 30-minute virtual wellness assessment today!

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